Twitter Ends Legacy Blue Checks and Bluesky Emerges as a Decentralized Alternative

Andrew Rossow, an attorney and founder of AR Media, told CoinDesk that after years of using Twitter he’s ready to take a step back due to the recent policies that have made the application no longer productive to use.

“I cannot stand by and support a platform that treats user identity and content preferences as a marketing ploy and chance to profit, without any regard for the injuries and harm that will inevitably come from it – this is a feeling many users share who have felt the repercussions of being ‘vulnerable’ to targeted attacks," he said.

Rossow predicted that Twitter’s days are “numbered,” and that many of these pain points brought on by the application can be solved by decentralized media. He sees decentralized social media platforms like Bluesky and others rising in popularity, including ZionNostr and Mastodon, as a way for users to communicate without barriers established by one leader in charge.

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